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“We feel Urbanlife has given us a personal touch and nothing ever seems to be a problem.”

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Managing properties.

So you can do, what you do.

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An Introduction…

Resident Management Companies.

We prepare accurate estimated service charge budgets, to ensure that following the end of the financial year there will be no sudden surprises for the flat owners.

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Landlords / Freeholders.

Our policy is to provide a fair and reasonable approach to managing properties and that is why we are appointed by investment landlords and RMC’s.

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We pride ourselves on repeat business from our developer clients ensuring that your good reputation is maintained through our future management of the development.

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Our ethos.


Dedicated Property Manager.


Clear concise budgets and accounts.


Specialists with 50 years combined industry experience.


Cloud based systems allow for effective time management.

“Urbanlife set the benchmark for quality.”

Serving your needs.

Urbanlife are an independent residential block and estate managing agent in Essex, London and the South East with a single focus of servicing the needs of our Clients. This is our core business and the team pride themselves on providing an unrivalled service to our customers.

Communication in any relationship is the key to success. Transparency provides the confidence your home is being managed in a professional way. As property people we care and efficient practices ensure high levels of maintenance are delivered.

We manage your property giving you peace of mind your investment is in safe hands.

Our latest posts.


Brrrr… I did not enjoy defrosting my car yesterday morning, numb hands and late for the nursery run was not the greatest start to my day.

The leaves are all but golden, the bonfires have been lit, the fireworks have been let off; next on the calendar is C… don’t worry, I won’t say it! Will it be a white one this year?
Did you know it’s a myth that no two snowflakes are identical? In 1988, a scientist found two identical snow crystals from a storm in Wisconsin USA – why he was catching snowflakes and comparing them, I’ve no idea!

The same thing can be said of managing agents – Each of us offer our unique selling point and claim to be better yet we all do the same thing. We all struggle with the same issues… We are all identical snowflakes in that storm.

Urbanlife don’t claim to do anything different to other agents, if any one company offered something others didn’t there wouldn’t long before the competition did the same thing.
What we do strive to be, is honest! The information we must relay may not always be good news, but we will always take the time to explain why and plan to avoid such need. We were established to support and serve leaseholders better than our competition.

Even as such a young company we have taken the industry by storm (pun intended!) but we are by no means the finished article, we will always look to improve what we can provide and indeed the service you receive – Like the myth of the snowflake we want to be very different!

We always welcome ideas and suggestions. Your input is invaluable to us as we look at the areas for improvement and refinement. If you ever have something you would like us to consider or even wonder if we can do something we don’t currently – please do shout!

We’d love to hear from you!


P.S. Don’t forget! You can log almost any issue on the Report-a-Repair page by clicking HERE

Who named it Brian???

Irma gave us a show! A lady to be revered – She provided true tropical storm level winds and some truly eerie orange and grey skies… Brian however was gent! He snuck in under cover of darkness, loosened a few more leaves than a usual autumn breeze and left the party without too much fuss!

Here at Urbanlife we had braced ourselves for more! We had any likely event caused by the recent storms covered – Extra out of hours staff, Reactive maintenance teams put on notice and even sandbag suppliers on speed dial BUT all in all, we and you our leaseholders, fared well. Aside from a few broken plant pots and rickety fence panels needing some attention, all was and is well!

Even though the need wasn’t there this time, we thought it a great opportunity to remind everyone how easy it is to report a fault or repair. We are fast heading into the winter months and now is a good a time as any to remind everyone that any issues can be logged with a few simple clicks.

Report – a – Repair is our simple easy to use system where you can log ANY issue day or night; every report comes straight to us, in fact we love this system so much we want to reward you for using it! We are offering the first 20 leaseholders, to first log a valid fault at their development, a £10 ‘love to shop’ voucher!

To use it is easy, simply click on the ‘Report-a-Repair’ tab on our website and follow the screen prompts!

We really hope you enjoy using the system!


My fiancée is an amazing woman and I think myself very lucky to have her in my life.

She deserves a Sainthood for living with me, BUT you will be pleased to hear she too is human and like us all she has flaws. One being an amazing ability to over react and my, when she does, Hell truly hath no fury I assure you!

The first I learned of this was in our tender years of courting (as my Nan would call it). Let us just say I sent a text message that was taken the wrong way, I still protest my innocence to this day!
Why did she over react?… It was all down to a single misplaced comma… *face palms*

I can’t/won’t go in to the details of the message but it’s safe to assume that I have not made the same mistake again!

Communication is paramount in all things not least in how we engage with clients, customers and affiliates. English is renowned amongst linguists as one of the most complex languages to learn and understand, for example:

• There is no ham in hamburger.
• Neither is there any apple nor pine in pineapple.
• If teachers taught, why didn’t preachers praught?
• If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
• “Overlook” and “oversee” have opposite meanings, while “look” and “see” mean the same.

We work very hard to make all our methods of communication very simple and clear – we actively avoid industry jargon and technical terms when speaking with Leaseholders adopting a style that makes it easier for us to convey key information without confusion – We are even one of the first companies in the UK to use a predominantly picture driven ‘Report a Repair System’.

We know when speaking with Developers, Freeholders and clients, you are busy and need specific information quickly and concisely. Everyone has a bespoke reporting service providing exactly what you want in the format you want quickly and without fuss.

We love working and speaking with people of all walks from customer to client! We will always put our own unique spin on the delivery but you will always get great communication.

Whenever you need a Managing agent that knows the importance of the way information is communicated you know where we are… and remember…

Punctuation can make a difference! “Let’s eat Grandpa” is not the same as “Let’s eat, Grandpa”

Our brochure.

Managing properties so you can do…what you do.

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What our clients say…

Following our experience with a number of previous managing agents, we have been delighted with how Urbanlife have grasped the estate with both hands and turned it around. We were carrying a huge amount of arrears and Urbanlife have managed to recover these arrears after the previous agents failed to do so, after many un-kept promises. I would strongly recommend Urbanlife to anyone considering them

Director, Chelmsford

After a lack of attention from our previous managing agent, we wanted an agent who would give us the service we required rather than be another number in a large portfolio managed by an overworked Property Manager. We feel Urbanlife has given us a personal touch and nothing ever seems to be a problem.

Director, N1, London

We are very happy with Urbanlife who have managed Blade and Omega Courts for the last two years. They very likely saved us from bankruptcy due to previous managements poor handling. The estates have an improved appearance which aids both rental and resale values. The directors are friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend Urbanlife.

Director, Romford