Investment Landlords/Freeholders

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Investment Landlords/Freeholders

We are conscious of the need to provide first class management to protect an investment landlord/freeholders asset.

We are aware of the rights that tenants have to take away the management of a property or to force the purchase which is usually prompted by mis-management, lack of general care and attention and overcharging by other Managing Agents.

Our policy is to provide a fair and reasonable approach to managing properties and that is why we are appointed by both investment landlords/freeholders, Right to Manage Companies (“RTMC”) and RMC’s.

We provide the same level of service to investment landlords/freeholders, RTMC’s and RMC’s.

Let us collect the ground rent on your behalf at no charge. By appointing us as Managing Agents this service is included within our management service.

Regular updates are provided on the status of your property to include statements of accounts for each flat, general condition reports and recommendations for maintenance and repairs, plus general feedback on the management of the property.

We give specific advice on lease extensions, freehold sales and licences for alterations, with a view to maximising the value of your asset.

We can manage your portfolio of properties to ensure that you will retain your asset, receive your ground rent and from our vast experience in property management the advice you will receive may assist in increasing the value of your asset.